e-Learning Unit

e-Learning Unit

The unit's mission is to contribute effectively to empowering the college and its employee and students to achieve their academic needs using the tools, practices, and environment provided by e-learning.

Vision, Mission, and Goals

The e-learning unit seeks to develop and implement a self-technological educational system by providing a distinguished electronic education according to international quality standards.

The e-learning unit supports the educational role at college by adding a technological dimension to formal education within the university's ambitious policy framework.


  • To improve the quality of the traditional educational process by providing teaching methods based on e-learning techniques.
  • To switch to an electronic approach by redesigning the traditional image into an interactive electronic format that encourages students.
  • To provide various educational resources which help reduce individual differences between learners.
  • To develop the reality of e-learning systems and their impact on the educational environment.
  • To establish the principle of self-learning and lifelong learning and enhance the e-learning skills of the faculty members.
  • To encourage cooperation and coordination between educational institutions and the private sector.


  • Coordinate with the deanship of e-learning regarding e-learning projects in the college.
  • Prepare training programs in e-learning and related programs.
  • Organize seminars and lectures to disseminate the culture of e-learning.
  • Keeping continuous assessment of the reality of e-learning in the college community.
  • Coordinate and follow up tasks to train faculty members on e-learning applications.


  • Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Supervisor of units in the college
  • Unit faculty members