Vice Dean for Female Section


    • Administrative, financial and technical supervision of the female section of the college.
    • Distributing work tasks to female staff members in accordance with the interests of the work and suggesting developmental means.
    • Nominating academic department supervisors in the female section, and submitting any nomination recommendations to the Dean of the College.
    • Approving job performance reports for the faculty’s female staff in the female section based on the proposals of the department and unit supervisors and the assistant director of the administration.
    • Raising emergency and regular vacations for female employees of the female section and following them up with the concerned agency.
    • Formation of temporary committees at the level of the female section to facilitate the educational process.
    • Approval of purchase requests for student activities in accordance with the rules and regulations of the university.
    • Approving the internal assignments assigned for the female section and submitting them to the Dean of the College and the Director of Administration for administration employees. 
    • Extension of the service of members through the departmental and college councils in case of need after the end of the service or in the event of new controls or in accordance with the regulating rules from the university.
    • Recommending the Dean and the committees to contract with female faculty members from outside Saudi Arabia or new faculty jobs for Saudis from lecturers or faculty members.
    • Supervising the processing of students’ study schedules and students’ registration at the beginning of the semester.
    • Holding periodic meetings with students, employees and faculty members in female section to solve any problems or criticism and listen to feedback.
    • Agreeing to transfer female students and agreeing to allow female visitors to study at the college according to what is issued by the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
    • Formation of disciplinary committees at the female section level to deal with the issues of female students and visitors.
    • Follow-up on assignments that happens with the administrations, including attendance, leaving, solving cases, organizing work for security, safety, maintenance, and transferring students.
    • The communication with other directorates in the university and centres, schools outside of the college, also coordinating any community services outside the college.