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Faiyz Saeed Alahmay  Male section 0172417160
Amal Garallah Alshehri Female Section 0172415932
Hanan Mufareh Mosa Female Section 0172415928


General instructions within the central library and branch libraries

General instructions:

  • We welcome you to the Central Library, wish you a successful university life, and we would like to explain to you some general instructions within the Central Library. Note that the library staff is fully prepared to assist you and meet your requests. We wish you cooperate with the library staff to maintain and upgrade your library for the better.
  • It is forbidden to read aloud.
  • Maintain order calm, and adhere to the instructions and instructions of the Central Library.
  • It is forbidden to use mobile communication devices (mobile) in the library, and users must put the devices in a silent mode to maintain calm.
  • Eating and drinking inside the library are strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring their belongings and bags into the library hall; instead, they are placed in the designated locker room.
  • The library is open from eight-thirty in the morning until two-thirty in the afternoon. In the evening, from two-thirty to eight-thirty in the evening.
  • All guiding and reference procedures are provided to the beneficiaries. Their questions and inquiries are answered without discrimination to improve performance and benefit from the available sources of information.
  • Do not return books to shelves after you have finished using them.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take any book or reference from its place and return it to another site, and the detector will detect this.
  • When a library is loaned out, it must be returned to the library before the loan period ends.
  • It is allowed to renew the lending of books for a second borrowing period as needed. The renewal is done only by bringing the books to be renewed for the officer to inform the student that it is possible to continue them or restore them.
  • It is strictly forbidden to borrow or take out the following library materials from the library:

  1. the reviewer
  2. periodicals
  3. bookshelf booking
  4. University Theses

  • Only photocopying of these materials was permitted through the camera in the library and by the instructions for using this equipment.
  • Books should be preserved and not written on, torn, or lost.
  • The library’s office materials, equipment, and furniture holdings must be preserved and not tampered with any behavior that may lead to its sabotage. It is also strictly forbidden to move chairs from one table to another, and it is not permitted to transfer tables from their place.
  • Complete calm and cleanliness must be maintained within the library.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring personal belongings, food, and drinks, into the library. Personal belongings must be left in the lockers designated for this outside the library.
  • It is allowed to use (personal) laptop computers for study purposes only, and any other use is prohibited. The devices available in the library are only for research or scientific use of the Internet.
  • The library bulletin board and bulletin boards inside the university must be constantly monitored, as you may find in them what is helpful to you or any instructions or announcements issued by the library.
  • Feel free to ask or ask the library staff about anything related to books, the library's computerized search program, the use of a photocopier, or anything else.
  • All provisions of these instructions must be adhered to, and the library staff’s directives and regulations must be adhered to. Anyone who violates this exposes himself to accountability and punishment.
  • Cameras monitor the library in all departments.
  • The library staff is always at your service.

Borrowing Instructions:

  • It is not permissible to renew borrowing of any book if it is required for one or more persons; in this case, priority is taken into account in lending this book, and new books may not be lent to beneficiaries if they have late books in their possession.
  • References and periodicals may not be lent.
  • The books placed on the reservation shelf are borrowed for one day only, and the library organizes the process of using them during working hours.
  • Afternoon borrowing begins half an hour before the end of the official working hours of the library and ends an hour after the start of the next day's work.

Lend Categories:

First category: (faculty members)

Number of books allowed to be borrowed (15) books

The lending period is a maximum of (45) days

 Category Two: (Postgraduate Students)

Number of books allowed to be borrowed (10) books

The lending period is a maximum of (30) days

 Third Category: (University Undergraduate Students)

Number of books allowed to be borrowed (5) books

The lending period is a maximum of (15) days

 Fourth Category: (University Employees)

Number of books allowed to be borrowed (4) books

The lending period is a maximum of (15) days

Fifth category: (beneficiaries from outside the university)

Number of books allowed to be borrowed (3) books

The lending period is a maximum of (15) days

Electronic library


Electronic library services:

The Deanship of Library Affairs provides many manual and self-service services, including:

  • Establishing rules that regulate internal and external borrowing of books and scientific references.
  • Receiving visitors and researchers and providing all office services.
  • Publication of the library's bibliography for easy internal search.
  • Preparing the unified index of the library holdings of the central library and branch libraries.
  • The use of advanced technology in the field of libraries "Symphony System".
  • Collecting and receiving the approved university theses for the master’s and doctoral degrees by submitting a hard copy and sending a PDF copy to the “digital repository email” located on the home page of the Deanship of Library Affairs website in the “University Theses” icon.
  • Recording the data of those visiting the library and preparing the necessary reports.
  • Helping visitors and researchers to use databases and advanced search in the central library systems to quickly obtain library information.
  • Training the librarians at the Central Library and college libraries on the good use of advanced technology, quality control, and the introduction of library holdings on the Symphony system.
  • Manual and automatic lend, renewal and return.


Electronic Library System (SYMPHONY):

 It is an integrated library management system

  • It contains all the technical, and administrative processes of supplying, recording, categorizing, indexing, lending, controlling periodicals, and searching.
  • Bilingual and compatible with the Marc format that complies with Anglo-American cataloging rules.
  •  The ability to search through the Internet.
  •  The ability to scale and to link to other systems through the network
  • Work with any computer network regardless of the computers used.
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