Community Services


Believing in the influential role of King Khalid University in community service, the College of Nursing, Khamis Mushait, being part of the university, was keen to activate its community activity. It started developing a strategic plan to increase awareness and health culture for all members of society as part of its community duty through active participation in Activating constructive and distinguished community services, motivating the faculty’s employees, including students, faculty staff, administrators, to participate and cooperate with various institutions, while providing the opportunity to provide services and participation aimed at the community inside or outside the university, taking into account the approved instructions and directives related to community services. 

Vision Mission and Goals

Vision :
To be a pioneer in promoting fruitful and positive partnerships

Develop positive and innovative community partnerships in awareness and tangible programs through qualified cadres and advanced techniques.


  • Constant development
  • Achievements
  • taking Initiatives
  • Sense of Belonging.
  • Creativity and innovation.


  •  Analyze and prioritize the needs of the target samples.
  •  Achieving public satisfaction.
  • Promote excellence initiatives for community service programs and activities.
  • Motivate staff to participate in health charities.
  • Organize meetings, seminars, lectures, and courses that contribute to community service.
  • Spreading the culture of community service volunteering
  • Fulfill the quality requirements and accreditation.
  • Participate in the national health activities and World Health Days.
  • Strengthening the links between the College and alumni

Community service is one of the essential activities. It is implemented by setting an organized framework for various events such as training courses, scientific symposia, workshops, awareness campaigns, discussion panels, international days, and others provided by the college’s employees as a community service. For community service to be purposeful, it should include cultural, educational, social, and health activities according to an approved plan in line with community service objectives.

  • Develop an executive plan for all community activities; determine the responsibilities, and schedule, in the preparation of which all employees of the faculty and student clubs participate.
  • Organizing and documenting community service activities and their development.
  • Follow up on the implementation and coordination of events and activities.
  • Issuing certificates of activities provided to the trainees and trainers.
  • Preparing the quarterly community service report.
  • Evaluating the college departments' participation in community service activities and events.
  • Attracting ideas and initiatives and urging all faculty members to participate in the community.
  • Completing all related tasks assigned.
Community Services Activities 1440