College Vision, Mission and Goals


College vision:
Towards global excellence in the field of nursing sciences by 2030.

College mission:
Providing distinguished education, community services, and innovative research in the nursing field through optimal use of resources.

Strategies to achieve the mission and vision of the college:
1. Improving and developing the educational environment and updating educational programs.
2. Improving and developing the efficiency of college members
3. Encouraging scientific research
4. Facilitating access to practical clinical services
5. Encouraging communication with national and international nursing colleges
6. Emphasis on the highest level of professional and ethical standards

1. Improving the quality of learning
2. Providing an ideal academic environment
3. Building an effective community partnership
4. Doing innovative scientific research in the field of nursing
5. Establishing postgraduate programs in the field of nursing
6. Develop institutional quality through optimal use of available resources