Educational Services Unit

Educational Services

Educational Services Unit is concerned with providing an integrated educational environment that offers distinguished education for students

Tasks of the Educational Services Unit


Academic Services Unit


Excellence in the quality of the academic services provided to the student.


Raising the quality of academic services for students in the college and applying unified executive procedures on time and distinguished interactive performance to increase students' satisfaction rates.


  • The college and academic departments practice their tasks and duties to provide academic services following the applicable rules and regulations.
  • Providing high-quality academic service to students in the college according to the academic calendar throughout the academic year.
  • Ensuring that all executive procedures are applied uniformly in one college and all colleges in the university.
  • Enhancing the student's belonging to the college and university.
  • Obtaining student services from the college without the hassle of searching for them in the supporting deanships.


  • Following-up requests for postponement and apology by the rules and regulations.
  • Studying external transfer requests according to the controls and regulations after announcing them and adhering to the deadlines allocated for that, and then submitting appropriate recommendations to the Dean of the College for each request.
  • Receiving course equivalency requests, Taking the appropriate action right on time, and submitting them to the College Council.
  • Supervising the preparation of the academic schedule by the Schedules Committee in the college and the related distribution of teaching burdens among faculty members and those of similar status in justice following the regulations governing this and coordination with scientific departments and other colleges in this regard.
  • Implementation and follow-up of registration, deletion, and addition processes following rules and regulations and adherence to the deadlines allocated for this
  •  Supervising and organizing the semester, final and alternative exams and following up on their progress according to the academic calendar. And raise any exceptions to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • Receiving excuses causing the absence of midterm and final exams, sorting them, and referring them to the College Council regarding final exams.
  • Examining withdrawal requests from a course or semester during the period specified in the academic calendar and submitting appropriate recommendations for each case to the departments and the College Council.
  • Receiving and studying requests for exceptional opportunities following the rules and regulations and presenting them to the College Council.
  • Receiving applications for re-enrolment, studying them per the controls and regulations, making appropriate recommendations, and submitting them to the College Council.
  • Supervising the Student Affairs Committee and the Activities Committees
  • Supervising the activities of the Introductory week, And Student extracurricular activities.
  • Guiding and advising students and resolving issues related to academic achievement
  • Studying cases of deprivation according to the conditions of the students and submeeting the cases of deprivation to the College Council.
  •  Awareness of student rights
  • Receiving student problems and complaints, proposing solutions, and submitting them to the Dean of the College.
  • Estimating the number of students wishing to obtain a visiting class and automatically addressing the Deanship of Admission and Registration with that.
  • Awareness, preparation, training, and qualification for professional exams in all disciplines for students of the last level in each program.
  •  Forming and approving student activities committees.
  • Opening new branches at the request of the concerned departments after studying the request.


  • Vice Dean for Academic Affairs (supervising the unit ).
  • the College registrar in the male section.
  • The college is registered in the female section.
  • Academic advisor, the male section.
  • Academic advisor, the female section.
  • Head of the Counseling and Guidance Unit in the male section.
  • Head of the Counseling and Guidance Unit in the Female Section.
  • One administrative employee in the male section for every 2000 students.
  • One administrative employee in the female section for every 2,000 female students).